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Why use inetcasas?

Statistically over 95% of all Spanish property buyers start their property search online. Inetcasas has a refreshing intelligent approach to the Spanish Real Estate market. We have a wealth of domestic and international experience in selling and buying property in Spain and deliver first class marketing materials and strategies to help you sell or buy your property quickly and cost-effectively. For more information please Click here.

How do I sell my property with inetcasas?

The Professional end to end Spanish property selling solution. For more information please Click here

How much will it cost me?

By choosing our low fixed fee packages compared to the traditional commission Estate Agency model you could save yourself thousands when selling your property. Click here for more information.

When I register with inetcasas is my personal data safe?

Inetcasas is responsible for the correct processing of the personal data you provide to us. We store and process your personal data in accordance with the data protection and privacy laws. Please Click here for more information

What is the difference between inetcasas and the big property websites like Rightmove and Fotocasa?

Websites like Rightmove, Fotocasa, Zoopla and Idealista are property portals. They are like online shop windows where you can browse through properties for sale. By listing your property on the above websites, you only attract their website direct traffic in addition many of them will only allow Estate Agents to market property.

While we are not a traditional commission only estate agency when you sell your home with inetcasas we maximise your exposure automatically by listing your property on over 160 property portals including all the major Spanish and International websites saving you time and money which means you get the best of both worlds.

What is the difference between inetcasas and the traditional commission only Estate Agents?

inetcasas offer all the same services as a traditional Estate Agent however we give you the choice to select which services you require. Our low fixed fees can save you a considerable amount of money compared to the standard commission only model. View our Savings Calculator to see how much you could save.

Furthermore, we offer high quality marketing materials with comprehensive property information. We maximise your property exposure by advertising on all the major Spanish and International property portals giving you a complete selling strategy into Spanish domestic and International buyers.

What are your opening Hours?

Our head office opening hours are 8am until 8pm, Monday to Friday and 9am until 2pm Saturday plus your dedicated inetcasas advisor will be on hand 24/7 to assist you every step of the way.

How do I get in touch?

There are a number of ways that you can get in conatct with us.

Telephone: 0034 965 999 395
Our office hours are 8am until 8pm, Monday to Friday and 9am until 2pm Saturday.

Email: [email protected]

Alternatively you can send us a message through the website via our online form. Please Click here to view our full contact page and online form facility.

When do you start to market my property when I list my property with you?

Classic Package

As soon as you have loaded your property details online, we will advise you of any amendments within 24-48 working hours and/or approve your listing within another 48 working hours. Your property advert will go through our internal sign off process to check everything is in good order ready for marketing.

Premium Package

After we have visited your property, completed all the necessary paperwork, taken the pictures and have been instructed to list your property we will approve everything ready for marketing within 24-48 working hours.

Who is responsible for writing my property description?

Classic Package

As we will not be visiting your property in person you will be responsible for writing the content in our classic package. As soon as you have completed the online application and confirmed payment will check all the property details and make amendments were required, before we go live with the advertising. This may also entail a phone to confirm any discrepancies.

Premium Package

An inetcasas team member will visit your home and complete all the necessary documentation including the compilation of the property description. When we have completed the property listing, we will send you a copy so you can review the content and advise if any amendments are required.

Do inetcasas attend all my property viewings?

We believe in giving you the choice to carry out your own viewings, after all you know more about your own property than we do. This is one of the reasons why our low fixed fees are so cost-effective. We do however currently offer a bolt-on unlimited viewings service for €399 (inc. IVA). Please Click here for more information.

Should I market my property with inetcasas am I able to sell my house with other Estate Agents?

Yes, as we do not ask for exclusivity you are free to market your property with whoever you wish. Our up1 fixed fee packages are for marketing your property over a 12-month period or until your property is either sold or you instruct us to take your property off the market.

When I list my property with you do you require any forms of identification?

Yes, when you complete your listing online or through our house visit, we will require one of the following forms of identification;



Driving Licence or Photo Card

Are there any hidden fees with inetcasas?

Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent. Click here to see a full breakdown of what's included and the fixed fee for each service. All fees quoted are fully inclusive of IVA.

Please note that cancellation fees may apply in certain circumstances where services have been provided by us and you later choose to cancel your agreement or where you are in breach of our agreement to sell your home.

Do you offer any additional service's required in order to sell or buy property in Spain?

Yes, we offer an end to end solution covering all the service's required when selling or buying property in Spain;

For additional seller services please Click here.

For additional buyer services please Click here.

Do you offer any bolt-on services?

Yes, you can turbo boost your property visibility by selecting our Featured and Premium listing option. This will place your property near the top of the most popular property portals including when potential buyers search for property that is close to your description. This will significantly increase buyer interest and enquiries on your property. Please Click here for more information.

Will inetcasas value my home?

Yes, you can select our free home visit valuation service.

Can I change the price or any other details of my home on your website?

Yes, if you uploaded your property yourself via our classic option, you can edit your property details or change the price at any time in your account login. We would however advise you to contact us in the first instance as we may assist you with a price reduction or discuss your requirements if you wish to increase the price for any reason. We would welcome the opportunity to give you our recommendations.

Are property viewings attended by inetcasas?

We believe in giving you the choice to carry out your own viewings, after all you know more about your property than we do. This is just one of the reasons why our fixed fees are so cost-effective.

Inetcasas attended viewings are not included in our standard Classic and Premium packages. We do however currently offer a bolt-on unlimited viewings service for €399 (inc. IVA). Click here for more information.

How do I manage the viewings when inetcasas are not attending?

The inetcasas team will liaise with both buyer and seller and organise all the necessary contact details, property location including directions and confirm the appointment. You will then be responsible for viewing your house with any potential buyers.

Do you place a For Sale Board on my property?

We recommend placing a For Sale Board on your property which will maximise your property exposure by passing foot and road traffic. This service is included in our Premium package.

Do you create Floor Plans for my property?

Yes, floor plans are created for your property in our premium package.

Do inetcasas take the photographs and video of my property?

Classic Package

Under this option you are required to take your own photos and upload them onto the inetcasas website as part of the process to list your own property.

Premium Package

Yes, under this option we take 4K HD photos and create a 3D, 360 walk-through video tour.

What is the process between me and a seller when they want to make an offer?

Classic Package

You have the choice to either negotiate any offers yourself or if you prefer, we will do this on your behalf.

Premium Package

You have the choice to either negotiate any offers yourself or if you prefer, we will do this on your behalf. Any offers made on your property are subject to you agreeing to the offer price, so you have total control.

Are sellers and buyers able to speak with each other directly?

Yes, however as we are dealing with multiple nationalities it is important that in the first instance we liaise between the buyer and seller. When we have confirmed all the details, we will send each party the full contact details so they can speak directly with each other. On any occasions where there are communication issues such as translations or if requested, we will work with both parties to organise any viewings, negotiate a price or reserve a property at any time.


We accept payments via the following methods;

PayPal (via your inetcasas account)

Debit & Credit Card (via your inetcasas account or over the phone)

Bank Transfer

All our fixed fees are paid in advance and are inclusive of IVA including any additional services.

For additional seller services please Click here.

For additional buyer services please Click here.

Are payments safe?

All payment transactions are secure with end to end encryption.

We use a payment gateway which is an online platform that provides a secure connection to carry out the transaction processes between an e-commerce entity and the internet merchant account. It verifies, accepts or declines the transactions in real time on a merchant's behalf through a secure Internet connection.

Anti-Money laundering?

One of the many activities subject to anti-money laundering legislation in Spain is Real Estate and Property Management activities and all associated business.

The Spanish anti money laundering main law is "Ley 10/1010 de prevención del blanqueo de capitales y de la financiación del terrorismo", and the "Servicio Ejecutivo de la Comisión de Prevención del Blanqueo de Capitales e Infracciones Monetarias" (SEPBLAC) is the authority responsible for this matter.

The Spanish legal system sets several formal and compulsory obligations, formalities and protocols for all companies and business subject to the anti-money laundering legislation.

Are there any questions I should be asking myself when looking at my Escritura (deeds)?

Do you own the property?

Is the property in joint or several names?

Are the names you are expecting to be on the Escritura?

If you do not own the property do you have the authority to sell it?

Is the property currently in probate as part of an inheritance?

Are the owners of the property currently in a divorce settlement?

Has the property been subjected to any alterations/extensions, if so, do you have the relevant permissions and licences for such works, and have they been updated on your Escritura?

Do you offer a cooling off period?

Yes, you can cancel our agreement at any time within 14 calendar days from the date on which you accept our terms and conditions (the 'Cancellation Period').

Please note that after cancellation you will remain liable to pay our fees if you go on to sell your property to a person, we introduce to you during the contract period.

If you breach the terms of the Agreement and we choose to cancel the agreement during the cooling off period, then you will also be liable to pay for the services already provided up to a value of €250 (inc. IVA).

Refund Policy

Inetcasas do not offer refunds, if you wish to take your property off the market, you are free to do so at any time. All our services require payment in advance which covers our marketing and administration costs.

If I am not getting many viewings on my property how do you help?

We will contact you on a regular basis over the initial 12 months to discuss how we can improve its visibility and viewings. The most common reasons why a property is not selling are down to the property being overpriced, poor condition, location or documentation issues.

If my property does not sell within the 12-month marketing period do I have any options?

At the end of the 12-month marketing period should your property still be unsold we will offer you the same package you initially requested with a 50% discount. It is important to discuss and assess the reasons why your property is not selling during the initial 12-month period and even more so after the 12-months has expired.

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