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These additional optional features may take away some of the stress associated with buying your home. All services & pricing are exclusive of IVA. IVA is due on any supply of goods or services sold in Spain. The current normal rate is 21% which applies to all goods which do not qualify for a reduced rate or are exempt.

Purchasing your new property can be an overwhelming experience without the help of experienced property personnel to guide you through the conveyancing process. Conveyancing is the legal transfer of a property from one owner to another. The process involves a conveyancing solicitor or licensed conveyancer who acts on behalf of the buyer to ensure their client receives the title deeds to the property and the land it sits on. Conveyancing encapsulates the entirety of the legal and administrative work required to ensure a house purchase is valid under law. We can take control of this entire process on your behalf, removing the stress and hassle of finding professional conveyancing experts on your own.
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Structural Survey
A Structural Survey is a wide-ranging inspection of a property that provides a detailed evaluation of the property's condition. The survey will list the condition of the property and identify any defects, their apparent cause, the urgency of repair, maintenance options and also include an indication of the potential cost to repair. You may decide to not purchase the property if the structural survey indicated that a lot of remedial work is needed. You may also be able to go back to the seller armed with an estimate of the costs and ask them to reduce the selling price. The property seller is more likely to accept a reduced offer, as the problems have been independently identified by a qualified structural surveyor.
Fees may vary based on the region and size of the property being surveyed
Número de Identificación de Extranjero (NIE)
NIE is translated as the Foreigner's Identification Number (or Número de Identificación de Extranjero, NIE number). The NIE number is a legal number that is assigned by the Spanish National Police to foreign residents who do not have Spanish citizenship. This number allows foreign nationals to carry out legal activities in Spain.
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Spanish Will
During times of bereavement, your family and friends can go through an incredible amount of stress and pain. If you own a property in Spain it is highly recommended to make a Spanish will. By doing this you could save the beneficiaries of your estate from the time, money and distress that may be involved in administering an estate in Spain where no Spanish will exists. In Spain each person must have their own will, you can not have a joint will.
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Power Of Attorney (POA)
A power of attorney is a mandate given in writing before a notary public and executed as a deed by the donor (person giving the power of attorney) in favour of a third party (attorney). Spanish powers of attorney normally give the donor very broad powers to deal with the specific transaction. As an example, a power of attorney for the purchase of property will often include clauses allowing the attorney to open, close and operate bank accounts, set up direct debits, make payments for the account, arrange utility contracts, pay taxes, submit forms and send and receive notifications to and from different authorities. There are 2 options to obtain a POA. If you are in Spain, we can organise this through a local notary alternatively this can be arranged through a local notary back in your home country.
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Foreign Currency

Foreign Currency Exchange

Our partners focus on providing you with the tools to maximize money transfers. They monitor the rates on your behalf, and work closely with you to ensure transfers are timed perfectly. They recognise the importance of a personal and transparent service. By providing continuity and consistency of service, they can establish a clear understanding of your requirements to ensure you retain absolute control in getting the best deal.

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Mortgage Advice

Mortgage Advice

Just like any advanced economy Spain has a developed mortgage market with numerous lenders offering a bewildering variety of Spanish mortgages.

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